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GaAs Solar

Low-Cost GaAs Solar Farms…an Oasis in the Desert

Utility-scale solar is currently projected to be the fastest growing segment of the solar power market, as the cost of generating solar power is becoming competitive with that of fossil fuels. While solar farms predominantly use silicon-based cells today, Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)-based photovoltaics are beginning to make in-roads into large scale solar farms, but the adoption has been slow due to their high cost.

The high efficiency of GaAs cells (measured at more than 40% peak power conversion efficiency by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) makes them ideal solutions for utility scale solar, if it can be deployed at a reasonable cost. NanoFlex Power's proprietary low-cost fabrication method for GaAs-based solar cells will redefine the economics of this technology and will make utility-scale solar a viable competitor against traditional silicon-based technologies.

Organic Photovoltaics Also Have a Place on the Farm

While our low-cost Gallium Arsenide fabrication processes present an opportunity to boost the power output of solar farms in a cost effective manner, we also believe organic photovoltaics have a place in utility-scale solar. Their ultra-low cost and thin, lightweight, and rugged designs enable a high degree of flexibility in designing, deploying, and operating solar farms.

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