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NanoFlex Power Corporation develops and licenses advanced thin-film solar technologies and intellectual property. Focusing on new materials, architectures, and fabrication processes for both organic and inorganic solar cells, NanoFlex is changing the face of the solar industry. Our technologies are paving the way for a new world of opportunities and applications for solar technology.

Our two solar technology platforms break the traditional mold of how photovoltaics are developed, fabricated, and used. By both reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of solar cells, we aren't just redefining the solar industry; we're shaping what your future will look like. Creating possibilities for lower cost rooftop applications, solar powered windows, solar powered car paint, and more, NanoFlex is leading the next generation of solar technology.

Technology Applications
We are completely breaking away from the traditional approaches to solar energy and paving the way for a new generation of solar power. We have two technology platforms that hold the promise to revolutionize how solar technology is used. By both reducing cost and increasing efficiency, we are set to take the solar industry to new heights.
Our breakthroughs in photovoltaic materials, architectures, and fabrication processes offer the promise of exciting new applications and products. With increased flexibility, improved durability, and affordable costs, solar materials will be able to be used in ways that were once impossible. Through our technology, we are changing what the future will look like – a future with ubiquitous solar power.

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