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Intellectual Property

We have been quiet over the past twenty years, but we have been very busy.

NanoFlex's sponsored research programs with the University of Southern California and the University of Michigan have resulted in an extensive intellectual property portfolio covering materials, architectures, and fabrication processes for organic and inorganic flexible, thin-film photovoltaic technologies.

NanoFlex has exclusive worldwide commercial license rights to all of the patents and their attendant technologies. We believe that this positions us as the gate keeper to any efforts to develop and commercialize either cost effective and flexible thin film Gallium Arsenide modules or small molecule organic photovoltaics.

We like to believe that we hold the keys to the future of the solar power industry.


OPV Technology Platform

Some of our foundational intellectual property includes the following:


Call out Tandem organic solar cell architectures

Call out Materials for Multi-exciton generation


Call out Fullerene acceptors

Call out Mixed layer and nano-crystalline cells


Call out Blocking layers

Call out Solar paints


Call out New materials for broad spectral sensitivity

Call out Transparent/semi-transparent cells


Call out Scalable growth technologies

Call out Rapid Manufacturing Technologies


Call out Inverted solar cells


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